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Conversation Between Negative Ink and SuXrys

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  1. Okey, thank you. ~
  2. Not an anime, from a game called BlazBlue.
  3. Question; your signature, what anime is that from?
  4. Well if I can't answer any of your questions, then perhaps this cat can? He is a mystic after all... x))

    What does bachelor years means? I have never really understood it... Im studying aswell, but in the wonderful country of Sweden.
  5. Dang O.O Sounded like Malmsteen that. :O

    Oh, I certainly will if I have any questions 8D;

    Yeah, I've just finished my studies. So rite noaw I am doing some freelance work, and just generally having a good time. ;; Have a bachelor now on some 3d stuffz. What about you? What do you do? :O
  6. Hello and welcome to animeforum! Let me play you a little welcome melody ~ [swedish style!]

    So welcome dear neighbour to animeforum! xD Hope that you'll be staying with us. Wanted to write in here also since I saw that you were new by your thread . If you have any questions, or just wants to talk then feel free to write to me.

    [just a tip since I see many new members making this misstake: if you want to reply to someone that has written on your wall click on 'view conversation and write in there'. If you just write directly on your own 'wall' that person don't see directly that you have been writing/replying them.]

    Just a question: are you currently studying in england or what are you doing there?
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