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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Skya

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  1. i found a good way to get through life is to get those in charge of you to like you.
  2. Lol
  3. Lazy? well i cant really say anything. i was one of laziest bastards in my school lol. Luckily teachers like me for some unknown reason. I could get away with more crap than most people.
  4. I was just lazy for English, and US History, I just had a bad teacher, lol.
  5. english? what are you struggling with in english? cant help you much on US history though, everything before WWII in the US was kinda boring imo.

    that so sad, i really hope she gets better. My grandpa's been getting really sick lately, even being hospitalized for weeks at a time. Sadly, due to me being in the military, theres a strong likelihood that i might never get the chance to see him again. Whatever happens to her, cherish any moment you get to spend with her.
  6. I'm still in the relationship, summer school for English and US History, and idk =/
  7. have been? as in not anymore?
    why are you in summer school?
    is your aunt gonna be okay?
  8. Well I recently have been in a relationship, uhm, I have summer school, aaaannndddd, my aunt has been in the hospital since last week.. sooo yeah...
  9. oh yea? how so?
  10. I've been okay, been busy with life... finally lol.
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