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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Sizary Momo

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  2. lol you kidding me? JROTC is filled with the funniest people ever. and its one of the easiest classes imaginable.
  3. Ok.Thanks.I think i'm just gonna stick to P.E cause
    if i join the JROTC then i can't be serious like the rest of the people. x3
  4. and respond darn you!
  5. No. Doing JROTC does not force/commit you to join the Military after High School. If you do decide to join the military and do JROTC for all four years, you'll start off at a higher rank in whatever branch of the military you choose to join. You start off at E-3 which would normally take about 2-3 years to achieve. In other words, if you do 4 years JROTC and then decide to join the military, you'll get paid a lot more than those who didn't do JROTC.
  6. Hey!I want to join something called the JROTC in highschool when i become a freshman.But if i do does it mean i have to join the military later on? ;-;
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    *pokes* O_______________O
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