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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Albear

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  1. you havent seen GC?!?!?!
    shut up and watch!

    Guilty Crown: MyAnimeStream
  2. Haha, Asuna would be my choice as well.. Mostly cuz I've never seen Guilty Crown. Only read a review about it.
    I prefer Asuna's attire, even though Inori's showing more skin.
  3. ima go with Asuna. Inori comes across as being sorta awkward in GC. Asuna seems like she'd be much easier for me to get along with.
  4. Yeah.. I see the same thing individually, but I coupled the girls with the guys and that is where my view came from, know wut I mean?
    Who do you like better from the two?
  5. really? Personally i dont see all that much resemblance.

    on second though, they do have very similar facial features and bodies. Its just the colors that are different.
  6. Yea.. and she, together with the main dude, looks too much like Asuna and Kirito from SAO.
  7. i'll admit, she has that effect on people lol
  8. Nuuu, you mustn't! Like the old navy saying "Life is like the Pacific, it is long yet short" .... Yeah, I made that up. Hurhurhur.
    My initial reason for visiting your page was to say Happy Independence day.. then that big ole' Inori picture made me forget it.
  9. goddamnit i hate everything about f'king life now!!!!!
  10. Too late, already did.
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