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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Kaitou+

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  1. I see.

    I guess you been working your ass off, bro.
  2. Really? my waist is down about 2 inches from before i left for a while but i'm actually 18lb heavier. lol
  3. Nah from your pics, you looked a little bit more buffer...I dunno.

    But getting into shape is good, keep it up.
  4. Been workin out more haha
  5. You got skinnier, bro.
  6. The military is like a hermit. Scared of everything. But unlike a hermit, the military wants to blow everything the f'k up at the same time. But yea, the military has a lot more secrets than you can imagine.
  7. So they are classified as well? Lmao
  8. Every building, every base, every weapon, every rank. Everything in the military has an Acronym. The only one i like is MOAB. Mother of All Bombs. The largest non-nuclear bomb in the world. Its pretty dope lol
  9. How many acronyms and how long?
  10. do you know how many friggin acronyms i'm forced to learn for the military? lol i don't wanna learn any more of them! i don wanna!
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