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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. Well, my "loved" ones all live in other countries anyways so it wouldn't make much of a difference for me. And killing people... they train you for it, but no ones ever truly prepared for it. some handle it better than others. i'll see how i do when i get there...

    the requirement is 8 years. after that i'd get 10%. that just wouldn't be enough. so yea, 22 so i get 60%
  2. Well, I guess it would be firstly the part of killing people and second being away for such a long time from all the loved ones.

    Is 22 years the number of years that you have to do the job until you get that 60% payment?
  3. i could have just joined the army and could have been an infantry soldier. but why? i want to serve my country the absolute best i can and my potential would be wasted in such a position.

    why does my decision make you feel insecure?
  4. Stereotypical? ummm cuz girls tend to be afraid of spiders? lol

    I want to do that because i want to do the things my countries need that very few ever could. I guess (for a lack of a better term) its for the honor. I'm not gonna kid myself by saying it'll be an easy lifestyle. I wasn't born lucky enough to have something like that. But its a life that i'd be content with. Sure being on dirty would suck, but the rest of the time, when i'm not away, i have complete freedom. My living is covered, I still get paid during that time, and after i retire, i continue to take in 60% of my monthly pay, for doing absolutely nothing.

    And at the same time, its an adventure! Its not like a boring old job where i have to go into an office and do the same crap every single day. Its exciting and it constantly changes.
  5. So how come you want to join specificly [spelling?] the Seals? If your reason for joining the military is because you wanted to serve and protect your country, couldn't you just have joined a "normal" group? I know you may want it because of the fysical training but still, you can get that elsewhere and I don't know... I guess I feel so insecure of why somebody would voluntary choose something like that by free will because it's so far away from my everyday life. Living like that for 22 years, killing people.... oh I don't know.. I don't think I would ever be able to handle/do something like that myself... =/ HECK!! I can barely even manage spiders on my own! Hahah!

    Spiders... -shrugs-

    ... Why does this conversation suddenly feel so stereotypical? O_o lol.
  6. I'm planning on staying in for 22 years.

    SeALs are the US special forces. They're the ones that secretly enter another country, kill a bunch of people, and then leave in a way so that it can't be traced back to the states. Everything they do is top secret, some of the equipment they use is classified, and the missions they take on are ones you will NEVER hear about. they get sent on a mission, they don't know where they're going and their families don't know where they're going. and they'll find out that they have to leave with just a few hours warning. you see them, but then they just disappear.

    Thats why they're so popular with movies. because no one knows exactly what they do.
  7. I see. How long are you planning to work in the military? Being out 9+ months at sea every year sounds.. a bit much to do until you retire. :3 Or perhaps you are just a sea-fanatic? ;-)

    Seal, isn't that the program that they use to do in movies?
  8. There are a lot of reason why i joined the military. Opportunities, money, job security, education, etc.
    but my main reasons are because I want to protect my country, and because i wanted a profession that would allow me to see the world. and with the navy, i'll get to do just that.
  9. yes. I'm a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer in the US Navy. I work on nuclear power plants/propulsion system and research into improving the technology. I'm not 100% through my training yet though and i'll be Shipping to Charleston, South Carolina to finish my last year of schooling. After that i'll be assigned to an Aircraft Carrier where i'll be out at sea for 9+ months out of the year. However, i plan on applying for SeAL training as well and will be undergoing that shortly after my first time out at sea. And with any luck i won't be part of the 90% that fail SeAL training. The reason i chose Nukes to help me get into the SeAL program is because the Nuke training program is one of the toughest mental challenges possible. It basically makes the SeALs want me more which gives me a better chance of being selected.
  10. Really? Where are you going? How come you work in the military? What do you do? And bla bla bla, please tell me more about this.
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