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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. Hi there. :3
  2. So.... you don't live as in a typical and stereotypical american war-movie? Hmpfs, I feel slightly disappointed.

    But no worries, since I don't know what to say right now,
    here is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head:

  3. lol Nuclear engineer. for the time being, i go to classes to learn nuclear physics. al the physical war training comes later. and yes, Sasquatch is a second name for big foot
  4. Oh really? That sounds rough, fun (because you learn new things), but still rough. I am not quite sure what you mean with "branch poking out of the side of the cliff", are you climbing up for cliffs? I have never done anything like that ever in my entire life. Cool! Are the cliffs really high? Do you have to wear a packpack and such while you climb or is it more like you just have to get up there during a training round? Like a... öööhhh (this would be easier if I wrote in swedish xD) you have a field of things you have to climb up and under while someone shouts at you and climbing up for a small cliff is the end of that "tour"? ... I don't have so much to go on, just typical American war-movies.

    On the side note, I googled "Sasquatch" on google and saw pictures of big foot, is that another name for him?
  5. Because you are my special little muffinsasquatch-pumpkin (its a compliment)

    Training is....difficult. The schooling just gets harder every day. But i'm still holding on to that random branch poking out of the side of the cliff. I don't get leave until May 31. And its only for 2 weeks because I'm scheduled to start the second phase of school shortly thereafter.
  6. Then why do you make me feel like Gruffi Gummi? :p

    Anyway, how is the training going? Are you having a vacation soon or are you going to stay there until the summer?
  7. how? i am practically overflowing with it
  8. I feel so little love from you right now.. *grumpy*
  9. pass
  10. But... but.... Barbie....

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