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Conversation Between Kaleohano and blueangel06661

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  1. haha thanks. i'll try my best
  2. Happy birthday bro. Uh.. Stay safe for it 0_o

  3. lol
  4. do whatever you like, but i'll bet $5 that you at least smiled a little while listening to it haha

  5. Welp.... That's embarrassing xD
    oh my gosh xD

    I'm just going to wander over to another side of the internet and pretend I never listened to that song in it's entirety........... Yes
  6. well, heres my opinion on boobs. many men agree. but many of them went very open about it.

    just cuz they're not massive knockers like in my sig or in most anime ain't a bad thing.
    this song is for you

    much much <3
  7. You are miserable and need to stay away from me for as I'm like this-

    It reads: "You don't even look like that.. flat" in response to her drawing herself busty. =P

    xD I kid I kid... Tis a joke, but seriously I don't have any boobs and you throw them around EVERYWHEREEEEEE =p way to be reminded hehe

  8. lol i kid. but please do keep me posted. Being where i am right now, i have to stay up till 4am to do the session haha
  9. Not sure, I'm scrambling to verify this as we speak.. @___@ Ermmm just hold tight for a few more minutes.. I'll make an announcement in the thread once I find out any information...
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