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Conversation Between Sighanide and Navigator

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  1. Dang, Like this stuff?

    Anyway I give you the message of the month:
    Do you have any pets???
  2. Yeah those are always good choices. I approve. And I know, you just so look forward to my message once a month. Haha. And I have NO clue what you're talking about, sorry. Care to enlighten me?
  3. mostly Rock and Alternative, but I can go with anything.
    No problem about the whole late reply thing, it's fine if you reply sometime
    I had a recent revelation. I. Really. Love. Creepypastas. You know what those are? Slenderman and Jeff the Killer and stuph?
  4. Well I am SO sorry it's been nearly a month since! I just keep forgetting about this place. Haha. And then I was bored this evening, since I'm finally not working, and I was like hmm. I'll check AF! And then I was like oh hey! some person keeps leaving me messages. I'll have to see if I have one! And well, I like ALL sorts of music. not even kidding. I like just a little of everything. A lot of some. I dunno. anyway... Again, sorry for taking so long. And what about you? What do you like?
  5. I LIVE here xD
    Yes, I was born in Italy, however I moved to good 'ol 'merica when I was 17.
    I'm starting to forget about this place too, but if it keeps you up at night, I'll keep coming back xD

    At a crack, I'd say the best thing about america is either the food diversity or the Music. Naw, the music's the best. What kind of music do you listen to?
  6. Hey sorry, forgot about this again. >< Lol. Just don't even think about this place anymore. Then randomly, I will be laying in bed after work and I'll think.. Hmm I am bored and can't sleep. OH YA this person keeps talking to me on AF. Let's see what he has to say! And yeah, I couldn't do all that. I had started to go to school for all that nerdy stuff. But turns out... I hate school. And I really wasn't that into all that stuff. And yeah for coming to America! Are you still here?
  7. Good luck buddy, it's an advanced C++ Programming and Game Design job xD
    I'm going back to America (yay) on thursday :3
  8. Haha. Well I would do anything once. Except work in a fast food restaurant. I refuse to do that. So yeah I would trade you. You can come take care of the old people and I will go do whatever you do. Haha. (:
  9. Do you want to switch places then? "cuz by "travel", I mean sit in a room full of people that smell like they bathed in cologne for three hours and talk about stuff you already know and beg them to accept your ideas and possibly mere existence. The only difference between a meeting in the U.S. and the U.K. is the setting, I can hardly see anything, 'cuz if work. So, still wanna trade? xD
  10. Well that certainly is different! Sorry I take so long to get back to you. I kinda always forget about this place. I used to come here a lot but not now.. Haha. But I'm sure it's exciting to go somewhere new and see new things! I wish I had a job that let me travel!
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