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  1. Whoa, I'm sorry. I haven't checked this place in over two months I guess.. My bad. I have been busy with the new job, new boyfriend, and just life. Haha. I don't recall what we were talking about either. So how is life?
  2. Oh, I see. How is it? Another thing i've never looked into. Listening to a They Might Be Giants album right now O_o
  3. Well you sure took long enough to answer. I had stopped looking to see if you had actually. And I was super bored tonight after finishing a book. So I decided to check, and just missed you by a day! I just finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.... ^.^;
  4. Oh, heard of it, never really looked at it. Reading "Rendezvous with Rama" right now. AMAZING. BOOK.
  5. Oh wow, that does actually sound pretty neat. Awesome. Creepy but neat. And I am reading The Beautiful Creatures series. I love them!
  6. It's how indie game trailers usually are, just to look cool. The plot is very weird, but very interesting. It's about the inner working of the mind of a serial killer. The world around you says it's okay to do horrible things, like messages on your telephone tell you to do horrible acts of violence, and store clerks will say that it'll be fine to just steal from the store. All of these are revealed to be lies; excuses YOU (the player) made up to justify their actions. It's very interesting. So, yeah, throughout the game you are told you are doing good things, but in the end, we pull the rug out from under you and show you that you've been doing horrible things all this time. Anyway, the game got the team four awards, so it feels pretty epic. Oh, and I also forgot, I'm reading "The Book of My Lives" by Aleksander Hemon, as well. Really good book.
  7. No, none of those. Haha. I like love stories to be in all my books.. so I get lame ones. And that's great! I'm sure you're super excited! I watched the clip. And I guess I'm slightly confused. Is the guy with the weird mask a bad guy who kills people? Or is he a good guy that kills people to save other people? And that little clip doesn't really tell me much about the game. Like what the plot or anything is. But now that I know it's a clip for a game and I'm not exactly sure what the game is supposed to be about, I am curious to see more.
  8. Were any of those books Seeker, A Talent For War, Embassytown, The Human Element, The Devil's Eye, John Carter, Polis, or Metro 2033?
    Those are the books I am or have read recently. All good reads.

    A game I assisted in the making of got popular recently, I'm happy. However, the game is very disturbing, we had to tone down the graphics to avoid it being banned in America.

    I'll show you footage of the game if you're interested after seeing this.
  9. Lol, I was just teasing ya. Since you always teased me about taking such a long time. And yeah that will happen. I have had some family in the service and a few friends. It's not an easy thing. You will make it out okay though. (: I went shopping. Ugh. I knew I shouldn't have went into a book store. I went in, with the intentions of buying THREE books, to finish a series, I came out with NINE! Lol. But in my defense, two of them finished this other series I have. One was a prequel to a series I have, so I needed them. The other three books just sounded good so I had to get them. Haha.
  10. Uh, well, sorry...

    Yes, really. I got PTSD, bad PTSD, and I'm just getting to the point where I can touch a gun without flipping out. What's really odd is I enjoy violent video games O_O
    I've gotten some off time, and it's awesome.

    I wasn't all that ad with pistol, but sniper rifles, man, sniper rifles...
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