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Conversation Between Sighanide and Karirie

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  1. Srry for late reply. School has been completely crappy. :/ It takes all of my free time and I hardly have time to watch any anime! T_T So, how's life for you been going?
  2. Yeah, I can understand :/

    Sucks for you, I guess *lays back in armchair* so, how's school been going?
  3. Your not old. ^_^ (You will be when I start to call you "gramps" x3) Yeah, my mom is kinda like that. -_- But I guess I have to put up with it and never get a ride to school since I'm really bad at begging.
  4. @_@ Don't make me feel like an old guy already ):

    So yeah, is your mom one of those "Proud" individuals, who are really just stubborn as all get out?
  5. It really does

    Happy Birthday!!! ^_^ Wow, your so much older than me. I kinda feel like a child now.
  6. Sounds like it sucks :/

    In MUCH better news, It's my Birthday! I'm 24.
  7. Ikr! It's also really hot and I come home all sweaty and exhausted. I just want a ride to school. T_T
  8. Damn you mother!
  9. No, but I have to walk about 4-5 miles everyday to school and back. Just cause my mom doesn't want me to ask a friend for a ride to school.
  10. Well... shit. That must suck. Is your school at the top of a mountain, or something?
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