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Conversation Between Sighanide and モノクロ猫

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  1. thanks i guess. How'd you like it? probably not you're style.
  2. Ah thats nice
  3. I helped with most of the stuff on lone survivor.
    here's a complete collection of all the tracks:
  4. Thats nice What songs have you made before?
  5. no prob. I think i might be getting back into songwriting/playing/singing.
    was an old hobby, but i think i'll pick it up again.
  6. Oh I see, sorry ^-^
  7. nah, its at my little brothers school, not my little brother.
  8. Ah, your little brother is just like me xD
    So you make games? Thats awesome! What kind of games have you created? Thats cool though
  9. But, anyway, At my little brothers school, there is a kid a few grades below him, and he's addicted to video games, so much that he's has a lot of trouble doing his schoolwork because of it. Now, the principal of the school wants me to talk to him, because i make games, and wants to establish i kind of...rewards system. saying that, if he gets some schoolwork done, i'll get to teach him some of my knowledge. It'll be a strain on my schedule, but i think i'm willing to help.
  10. Nice I'll check them out
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