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Conversation Between Sighanide and モノクロ猫

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  1. Oh~ And Lol.
    What part of Italy are you from?
  2. Uh, it's the U.K., not much to say.
    My neighbor thinks i'm a vampire.
    People are nicer, usually. I'd expect that though, probably 'cuz I came from god damn italy xD
  3. Nice
    How's the U.K?
  4. xD
    Most of my time I spent either working or slashing zombies in Lepht fur Ded Too (In Legible, Correct Spelling, Left 4 Dead 2.)
    Got a new job, now I'm all the way out in the U.K. 'cause of it xD
  5. Ah kind of :P Most of my time is spent playing osu x3
  6. Hey, You're back! I think... xD
  7. Augh, mah head o_o
  8. Hi! Remember Me? xD
  9. Hey sorry for being inactive ^_^
    It's not my style, but its really good :3
    And I didn't dress up for Halloween :P So I just sat and played games all day long :3
  10. Whats Up? We haven't talked lately, how was halloween?
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