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Conversation Between Sighanide and Sizary Momo

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  1. *shakes* YOU STILL WITH ME MAN?

    *no response*

  2. Yeah :P
    So what's up with you?
  3. HAD NO IDEA!!! O__O
    lol xD That was pretty funny tho. XD
  4. I thought this was absolutely hilarious:

  5. Haha xD That's awesome!
    Usually when I meet someone on BO
    that loves Pierce The Veil we just start talking about
    it while playing and then I'm just like "You sir are awesome! >:3
    Therefore I shall friend request you~ :3"
    Haha xD
  6. They just kinda mentioned it after I shot them in the face. 'CUZ I'M SO PRO >=D

    Naw, one of them had the username KingForADay, and some other dude was like "Pierce the Veil much?" And he was like "F*CK YEAH!" (Maybe not that intense, but still)

    And, so, yeah xD
  7. Why were u trying to find people who liked
    Pierce The Veil and video games for me? xD
    ....? ^-^"
  8. Anyway, I found a few people who like Pierce the Veil :P

    Except, well, they don't like CoD and AC. They like Battlefield (Like me), soooooo, you still coo with that? :/
  9. Well, his comedy isn't about screaming profanities every ten seconds, talking to inanimate objects in the game world, overloading his mic due to high pitch screaming, and being a complete spaz. So no, it isn't a lie.
  10. Better than Pewdiepie?
    Lies .__.
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