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Conversation Between Sighanide and Sizary Momo

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  1. I'm jelly! Q__Q
    What game you got for your ps4?
  2. Er, uh sorry, um, er yeah. Just logged on after being lazy for YEARS and so guess what? PS4 TIME
  3. lol ok. So how u been?
  4. Actually, that's all CoD campaigns since CoD 4, Battlefield campaigns, Medal of Honor campaigns, and even TF2 has the classes system. Actually there's more, I know them, but brainfart
  5. I haven't played Call Of Duty 4 yet. .__.
    That's probably why I haven't heard of the idea
    yet.In The Last Of Us you get to play as Ellie for a little tho. :3
  6. Ok, ok, let me stop you there. They were not pure genius, it's been done since Call of Duty 4 In 2007.
  7. Haha xD ok. It's pretty cool that you get to playy
    from different perspectives in GTA5 :3
    Whoever had that idea was a pure genius!
  8. I spent 48 hours on it in three days after its release.Addiction does not describe Payday. Payday 2 is crack cocaine in video game form. Except 10x more addicting.

    You're getting GTA5? Well, I'm getting Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs! Tell me how GTA5 is, it looks awesome! But I'm too poor to buy all of them.
  9. Hey... yeah sorry for da late response.
    My computer has a lot of issues so it hard works ;-;
    And Payday is awesome! >:3
    Im getting GTA5!!! >
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