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Conversation Between Sighanide and dango-chan

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  1. Cool. i know some of the guys who made Journey, all nice people.
  2. I like fighting games and rhythm and RPGs. I have Journey on my PS3 and I like it. :3
  3. oh yeah if you have a PS3 look up Journey great game .
  4. What kind of games do YOU like ?
  5. oh, and RPG's like mass effect or skyrim.
  6. Well, everything. but mostly either conceptual games like Bastion or Journey, but when i'm bored and don't want to think i just play shooters.
  7. Let's see... I have a PS3, 3DS, iPod, laptop, PSP, and a PS Vita. What kind of video games do you like? :3
  8. I make video games for a living, and yes, i like video games a lot.

    I only have a PC. think i might get a Xbox 360.

  9. Ah... Cool... Soooooo..... I see you like video games... What video game consoles do you have? :3
  10. I'm getting dragged all over the place, but mostly staying in phoenix. it was either Arizona or Spain. so i went for arizona :3
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