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Conversation Between Sighanide and dango-chan

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  1. OK. Have you ever seen Future Diary or Haibane Renmei? I just recently started watching Future Diary and I really lik it. And I've watched Haibane Renmei before and really liked but I just always forget about it... I'm actually rewatching it now. :3
  2. How's life? Any good anime I should watch?
  3. January, 2013. It's fun. but it's kind of hard to work, because the studio is based all the way in UKRAINE, so working at home is all i can do and i have to be on the phone for every meeting that occurs xD.
  4. Looks cool... What's the release date? :3
  5. You're on at the same time as me O_O!
  6. thats a trailer of the game.
  7. hfg

    copy paste without the hfg

    anyway, i've worked on Battlefield 3, Dear Esther, Bastion, to name a few. Working on Metro: Last Light right now :3.

    i've also done a few net games, like Skinny and Saving the Company.
  9. Ahh, cool! So, what video games have you worked on? :3
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