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Conversation Between Sighanide and Albear

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  1. Six Flags. It's the closest one from my house. Been going there for years. It's cool that there is something new every year.
  2. Augh, well, I'm being held prisoner by my cat, who is sitting on my back so I can't get up.
    Going to a theme park? Which one?
  3. Lol. Thank you! Life has been fun for me. I wanna go to the theme park once summer starts. It's tradition for me.
  4. Time to go shoot myself in balls for trusting you.

    Just kidding. We all have our differences, but I guess it IS good to know. So, how's life for the most part? I'm sitting on a couch with my cat next to me.
  5. Lol, I'm republican for the most part.. My family voted for Obama back in 08. So we are not 100% GOP.
  6. I ignore those guys. I was talking about the republican party. The "christian" gun-toting, foreigner hating, party. They are probably the only ones that annoy me, because they have actual power :/
  7. Are the people you speak of from the Wesboro baptist church? They accuse people of sin in any way they can. I believe in the same God they do, but I am meant to be considerate of people that hate me because they think I'm full of crap. I hope you find a slice of peace in your meditations.

    Hmm, I'm watching television. Watched fast five. Good movie.
  8. I wanna start off by saying i'm not just an atheist.
    I am a bit buddhist (AND THAT IS NOT A RELIGION). When I say buddhism, I mean I meditate, and theta's pretty much it in the way of buddhism
    Actually I didn't really care what you believed, as a zen practitioner, I really don't care about much. The universe could have been created out of an elephants butt for all I care. It was a bit of a test to see if you were a polite and open-minded christian, or the annoying one (most of which are the ones I know), and you passed (i guess you could call it that, I probably would have still been your friend if you didn't )

    So, what's up?
  9. I wanna start off by saying.. Thank you for your service in the armed forces.

    So it was a difference in beliefs. I fully understand your point of view. And yes, I am a Christian. Part of my ”job” as one, is to say what I believe.. That Jesus is the way, truth, and life. You decide whether you believe with me or not, I cannot stop nor change your view. It seems that you are adamant about what you said, so we'll just leave it at that. Btw, thank you for still being a friend.
  10. I'm not the crazy bastard I used to be, but I'll never be the same. My pastor (Before I went into the army) that everyone had their own path chosen by god. Well, God wanted me to suffer for his pleasure, so screw god.
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