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Conversation Between Goblet and battousai_ryuu

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  1. O_O That's insane! How do you manage to keep up with it all?!?
    We just did a lab on electricity and magnetism. Electricity is easy for me (years of experience) Magnetism on the other hand is insane, but I like a challenge
    What is involved in biological medical tech? O-o

    At the moment I'm not a physics major but I can see this changing in the future. I'm looking into a few more physics classes for next semester atm.
  2. Haha yeah. I'm in various physics technologies, atmospheric science, modern physics, and i have electricity and magnetism and biologicamedical technologies lined up for me next year. Should be load of fun (maybe, haha!)

    Are you not a physics major then?
  3. (part II) other post was to long, sorry

    I don't have alot of free time for classes with work so I made time to take this one class.
    Your in more than one physics class at once?!? That's got to be insane.
    I'm already putting in 20 hours a week into this one class -_-
    What all are you currently studying?
  4. Sure, no problem. I stumbled across that website while doing some homework. I had no idea how vast physics was
    Rotational Inertia you say. I didn't find it to be too hard. It made much more sense to me once we did a demo of someone sitting on a bar stool that swivels with weights in both hands and spinning slowly with their arms extended and faster with the weights retracted to their chest (if that makes sense) Did they make you find out how the wheels on a train work when taking a turn?
    Yes, no matter how hard I try to get ahead of the material I am always behind -_- there is just so much stuff to grasp. I have to go over the material again and again until it makes sense (usually after a few hours lol) but it's a rewarding challenge because its something I can see working in the real world everyday, even if I can't calculate it that well yet xD
    I'm only in conceptual physics 1100 at the moment.
  5. Wow that website is cool ! Thank you for showing it to me .. giving me some ideas
    I am currently in more than one physics class, but RIGHT now I am doing my assignment which is about rotational motion and centre of mass. It's not too bad, I remember it took me a little while to grasp the concept of the moment of intertia when i first learned it but now it is fine. Funny thing about physics is that it seems like you are always a year behind :P Things don't make complete sense when you learn it but when you really apply it the next year you get it, but are thrown a new concept that you don't fully grasp lol. Well thats how it seems to me anyway :P

    What are you currently studying?
  6. Seems we walk in similar footsteps In highschool I was convinced that I wanted to be a Mechanic (which specialty? I didn't care) I've taken a wide band of classes, everything from Japanese (which I'm still kinda fluent in) to Enviromental Biology. It wasn't until this semester that I ended up taking physics. One reason was because it is an option for Gen Eds and another reason is because friends of mine (both engineers) talked me into it xD If it wasn't for them I was really considering anatomy but little did I know how much I would love physics. It's really put an appreciation to all the little things I take for granted (like gravity :P) I'm not sure yet what I'd like to do with physics but I saw on that there are alot of careers that use physics O_O

    Which part of physics are you currently studying?
    (sorry for my late replys, I'm terrible at replying to VM's)
  7. It's a weird story actually. I was convinced I wanted to be in medicine for my whole life, and I did really well in high school so I was offered a position in a sort of 'advanced' science program in a university I applied to. We took pretty much every general science course offered in first year university and I realized that I really disliked biology and was in love with physics and math. So I majored in physics pretty much because I enjoy it.. not sure what I'm going to do with it may switch into engineering or something no clue :P

    How about you?
  8. We discussed relativity and it was way over my head @-@
    We usually cover two chapters a night but lately it's been 4 *dies*
    What got you so interested in physics?
    Do you have a career in mind?
  9. Yeah I can imagine :P
    The hardest we have done so far in conceptual physics is probably relativity and I found that insane... couldn't even imagine taking a whole class on that kind of thing. Unreal
  10. You have my attention
    I'm currently taking a conceptual physics class.
    So far I love it, though it is a massive amount of information to take it @-@
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