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Conversation Between jamesedwards and Meroty

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  1. My favourites would have to be Code Geass, Clannad, Toradora and The World God Only Knows.
  2. I see that this forum has only few One Piece fans, and I don't really know why.
    Well, my genre of anime I prefer action, comedy, supernatural, slice of life ,and a very little romance haha .
    These are my faves >>> One Piece, Shaman King, Avatar, Aria etc..
    What about you? Sorry for the late reply
  3. I take it that you are quite the fan of One Piece. I haven't seen it myself. I am not as interested in that sort of action anime. I much prefer romance, drama or comedy anime. What sort of anime do you fancy?
  4. Yeah, She's the cutest anime ever! Tamao Tamamura
    And thank you for greeting me!
  5. I really like your profile picture. Happy Birthday for the other day!
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