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Conversation Between jamesedwards and SuXrys

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  1. Gintama is a great show! *strokes my beard*

    Oh dear, I havn't heard of those other shows you are mentioning, have to look them up... -feels ashamed-
  2. Gintama looks like a great show, it will definitely go on my 'next to watch' list. On that list is also Azura Cryin' season 2, Chaos;Head and haruhi suzumiya. Should be great
  3. Oh my looooooooord.... You have never seen Gintama before? Oh lord och lord oh lord... >___<
    Gintoki is the main character in Gintama, I order you to start watching that anime at once! xD

    Currently I am only watching Naruto Shippuuden and Gintama, that's about it.
  4. I'm ever so sorry that i can not recognise him ..... Could you please tell me I guess it is fine to always switch your avatar. I wont to take another pic of myself as my profile pic because that one is old. I have a less attractive hair cut now so i will wait for it to grow a bit more (school cut). I'm in the middle of watching Death Note, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko and waiting for episodes of Guilty Crown. What are you watching lately?
  5. Well... heheh.. What do you say if I am currently thinking about chaning again? xD I can't help it! I have seen so many lovely pictures on thumbl that I just can't resist... I want them all! xD hahah! A cute looking guy? :o You don't recognize (spelling) who it is? Now you are hurting my feelings james, you really do... ;_;

    *clicks on the link you gave me*
    LOVE IT! xD
  6. It would seem you are an intense avatar changer. Do you think that you will stick with this one for a while or are you still not happy? I like your profile pic. A cool/cute looking guy.
  7. My friend does it because he wants to look cool. He is a huge fan of anime. He was the one that introduced me to anime, so i am forever in his debt. i have noticed that you always post pictures of meme's. Are you a fan? I have recently been trolling the internet to look them up on Do you use it? If so, what is your username. I'll add you.
  8. I was born for looking serious!

    Anyway, I have already changed it. >___> but Im not happy with this one either. I want to find a really good picture on Gintoki - but this far I havn't found one. Are currently clicking around on tumblr trying to find one. See alot that would be fun to have in the signature, but this far I havn't found good "avatar" pictures. Had a good one back at my parents place, but I cant get to that computer right now. ಠ_ಠ The idea that I do have a good pic, but in the same time havn't - makes me little annoyed. xD

    Lol, your friend sounds awesome! xD Does he do that just because of the fact that they do so in animes?
  9. It does make you look serious. Mostly because you can hardly read the writing unless you go to your profile. I am thinking of changing my avatar/profile pic some time. Maybe not profile pic. Do you think it is odd to actually have a picture of yourself as your profile picture? Btw, one of my friends always *does that fixing-my-glasses-by-putting-them-further-up-my-nose-move that you'll see in all animes as fast as someone have glasses* thing. He always does it when he makes a suggestive/awkward/inspirational/perverted comment. He is on this forum under the name johnbryantwong. Also, do you have any suggestions for a signature for me? I'm not really certain why we have them, but they are cool.
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