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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and animangachik315

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  1. uh oh! you better be good from now on!! id ask what it was but i dont wanna pry...
  2. I was on probation, I got into a lil trouble with the law, but its nothing now, its all done and over with :P
  3. aw thats cool hay what did you mena that one time when you said you were on probation?
  4. Ive been good ^3^ been readin a lotta new manga, plus, I now gottsa 3ds >3<
  5. yay!! nothin much! how have u been?
  6. Im baaaack ^3^ lol, my internet is back on now :P watsup?
  7. uh, what do you mean probation? are you okay now?
  8. It goes wonderful!! ^3^ lol, except for probation :P
  9. life goes great how bout you
  10. Haha, guten tag! ^3^ how goes life?
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