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Conversation Between sweetdaddydee1 and Simphoni

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  1. Hahahaha!! I can never lose track of how many anime's ive watched!! And i also memorise every episode ive watched!! Im obsessed with this stuff!!
    I stopped watching Pokemon...... I dont like it as much as i use to now and DBZ is now in so I guess i kicked out Pokemon for DBZ
    But its still a good anime!!
    But it seems like you are obsessed with Pokemon yourself!! XD

    So what music are you into!!??
  2. yes but i lost track of how many i watched. i know one of the ones i watched and still watch is all of the Pokemon series including the TV series, the books, and the movies.
  3. I'm fine!! And tired too!!
    But still awesome!!

    Do you watch any anime?!
  4. good u?
  5. Hello there Sweetdaddydee1!
    That's quite a weird and cool name!!
    How goes it?!
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