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Conversation Between illu and Sizary Momo

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  1. Thanks Illu.
  2. I'll see what I can conjure up.
  3. I guess that'll do.Hmm let's see....
    How about a sig with a girl hugging a teddy
    bear?I always call him as my teddy bear and
    i give him lot's of hugs.^^
    He'll love it!
  4. I don't make avatars but I make tags. The restrictions here make it difficult for me to compose a good avatar unfortunately . If he wants a new tag/signature I'll gladly make him one.
  5. Are you still making avatars because my friend has been having
    the same one since forever so i want to give him a new one.
    But i can't find any good ones and i suck at making avatars.>.>
  6. Hey sure thing what's up? Sorry for the horrendous late reply, I've been very busy since god knows when.
  7. Hey can i ask you something?O-o
  8. it's ok....and i love
    my new signature!!
    thank you soo much!!!
  9. Hey I don't know if you've gotten my message, but I pm'd your signature a while ago. Just want to make sure you got it. Sorry I didn't get it done sooner as I was busy with visiting relatives.
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