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Conversation Between animangachik315 and BlackButler666

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  1. happy late birthday
  2. Good let's do it later because it's my birthday 2day I am going clubbing and drinking!
  3. sebastian ofc XD sure
  4. Awesome he can kick butt U like black butler 2 right, who is ur favourite character mine is Sebastian he is so sexyXD Do u want to do a trivia game on black butler?Xxx
  5. mine is ichigo
  6. Thanks that sounds great! Who is ur favourite character from Bleach mine is ByakuyaXIchigoXxx
  7. cool! I hope so too ^^

    we can talk anytime
  8. Hi girl, I looked on ur profile and it says u love bleach and black butler! U r awesome becaus me they r my favourite anime's and manga and u draw to that is so cool and I hope we can talk some timeXxx
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