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Conversation Between animangachik315 and sephygirl1789

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  1. aww dude that sucks, im sorry, and sometimes i get stuff coming up too, so i know how you feel...hope you get better soon!
  2. no i didnt go anywhere i was sick with pharyngitis and laryngitis so i didnt have much of a good thanksgiving holidays i still have a cough with crud coming up but im doing a lot better and i feel a lot better too
  3. hi sephygirl! how are you ? are you goin anywhere for thanksgicving?
  4. hi there!
  5. hi sephygirl!! how was youre weekend?
  6. aww why?
  7. been a tiring day
  8. im awesome!! how is youre day goin so far?
  9. hey how r u?
  10. hi there!
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