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Conversation Between animangachik315 and SuXrys

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  1. oh...i... reading say i love you, kuroshitsuji, andddd....thas it
  2. Yeah I have, but I am practically never online there so there is not that much of use to add me on there... :/

    Talking about something else, what animes/mangas are you watching/reading right now? Anything to recommend?~
  3. because, i try to forget the bad stuff...

    SuXrys? Do you have a facebook?
  4. Well....

    WHY NOT?????!!
  5. SuXrys, i dont even remeber every detail XD
  6. Silly? Me? pffffsss~

    So, time to catch up, what are you up to? What's going on in your life? Tell me everything, EVERY DETAIL OF IT!
  7. aw,you're not horrible, silly ^^
  8. You mean because I am terrible at replying? Don't worry about that, that's just me being a horrible person. Horrible, HORRIBLE I TELL YOU!! I am online in here, then I disappear, then I get back, then I am off again, then I am here, then I'm not, then I'm here, then I'm not and so on and soooOOOooooooooooo on. So no, I am not mad at you it's just me who havn't been here for a while.

  9. i thought maybe i had made you mad or something...
  10. Yes my child, I AM ALIVE!!
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