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Conversation Between Ribbon and RyuTama

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  1. 'EEYYY You're back! >=D How's your Christmas going so far? ^^
  2. i do have a theme~
    do you know the touhou games? (:
  3. So wait, when is this gonna be? =o And do you have a theme in mind yet?

    Hmm. I dunno if I would call it "stressful", but it sure is a challenge because keeping track of everything and being punctual is kinda hard to do when you're busy with school and other stuff. Thanks for saying I'm doing a good job though~. x3
  4. /facepalm
    I answered your vm on my own
    wall.. -___-
    anyways, yeah I'm planning on co-hosting
    a game with DenjaX. It's gonna be awesome~
    Also, your doing great as a host, is it stressful?
    I thought it was.. xD
  5. Yeah I remember kinda laughing when I got that RNG result for you. I remember thinking "god, wasn't she JUST a Godfather"? LOL.

    Und yes, it's so much fun. x) You get to see how both sides work simultaneously instead of having to look back over everything after the game. I think it'd be fun if we had some more big themed games by you, Kaitou or Scruffy, but I don't think AF would be the best place for those for a while. A lot of inactives and people telling me they're gonna be away. :c

    Still lots of fun though. Have I done a good job so far? xD;
  6. lol. three times, i believe?
    now that you mention it,
    i've been godfather quite
    Are you enjoying hosting?
  7. But it's always fun playing with risks like that. x) I love being a wolf but I've only had two shots at it. Last time I was killed even earlier than when I was still a derp.

    And yeah, you guys sure made a stir of things. xD How many times have you been Godfather now?
  8. lol. yeah, i died early because i was being risky as a wolf.
    but it was more fun that way. and now people have a LOT
    to discuss in the upcoming dayphases. c:

    thanks for hosting. i enjoyed playing again.
  9. Well that was a fun phase. xD It sucks you're out now though, you helped a lot with activity. =x

    Whew, took longer than I thought it would. xD
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