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Conversation Between Ribbon and .Miki~

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  1. added. <:
  2. I totally do ^^
    kylitaanari is my name~ add me *-*
  3. btw...
    do you have a skype?
    i'd love to chat one day. n_n
  4. I saw that they deserve it~
    and You're welcome ^^
  5. The same, to my notion.
    Bluu and Seung are mods now. (:
    Also thanks for the gift. <3
  6. Hehe~ you got it, I wont disappear again xDD
    So what is different around these parts? o.o or is everything still same as always? xD
  7. That's good to hear. Welcome back.~
    I actually missed you as well. I was sad when you left. :c
    Don't do that again!~ xD
  8. LOL. I noticed that my picture and your avatar matched, xDD its pretty awesome.
    I have been doing better, I have kinda been just on a stand still for the last several months. Life is getting better though I think. Re-enrolled back into school and plan to take some online classes for the spring semester, if I can do that I am hoping to be able to (finally) be able to drive by fall and attend back to my college. Other than that, I just have been kinda in my room.

    I thought to come back to AF xD I missed you guys OwO :3
  9. Lol my avatar and your profile picture match. xD
  10. Miki! (:
    I've been doing well,
    how about yourself?
    Are you feeling better?
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