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Conversation Between Sc0tty and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. I see Would you mind checking my first (english) poem plz?
    It's here:
  2. It's not something I usually read but I don't mind it
  3. That's for the review I'll take a lot at it as I can
    Btw, do you like poetry?
  4. It's mostly about a guy who's never joined a club but soon decided to take the club his sister used to be in. There he mets a cute girl and then it's your basic Haruhi Suzumiya-esc club anime
  5. But you should also watch some anime
    I don't know that anime, what's it about?
  6. I started watching Hyouka but I've been reading a lot of manga more than watching anime recently
  7. Also fine, thanks

    So, what animes are you currently watching? I'm currently with Elfen Lied (episode 5), really loving it so far
  8. Hi there, I'm doing fine thanks. So how are you doing
  9. Hey, how are you doing?
  10. That's great, though I guess the weather should suck there, wish one day I can visit Scotland
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