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Conversation Between RyuTama and thelegend117

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  1. Thanks
  2. Yeah. You just click the above the message box. Then you paste the URL of the pic you wanna send and voila~!
  3. Hey i have a question and you said i can ask you if i need anything. well anyways i was wondering If you can send pics through private messages?
  4. Aha no I'm using the Android mobile app....but thanks for helping me i appreciate it.
  5. Oh, if you're using the iPhone app, then I don't think I'd be able to help you there. =( You might want to ask the Site Admin though. Kaitou Ace is his name. He'd be able to help you with it. ^_^
  6. I would change my info but it doesn't let me....i click on the info in about Me but it doesn't do anything....and there isn't a setting button by the logout button. I tried and looked everywhere on the app but i can't change anything
  7. It's alright lol. I just like greeting new members. =) Nice to meet you too!

    To change your personal info, just click the "About Me" tab on your profile (between Visitor Messages and Friends). Under the About Me section, you can click the icon next to each area to edit your info.

    As for your avatar, click on "Settings", which is right next to the Log Out option at the top of the webpage. A list of preferences and settings will show up on the left hand side. Scroll down until you see the general "settings" box, which will give you options to upload your forum avatar, your profile picture, etc. Just make sure the image you want isn't too big, although usually it'll resize it for you automatically once you select it.
  8. Hi nice to meet you! and sorry for visiting your profile and not saying hello....I'm new to this...still trying to figure out how to edit my info and my pic....maybe you can help?
  9. I see you visited my page without saying hello. ಠ_ಠ

    Jk lol. Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to VM me. ^^
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