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Conversation Between RyuTama and Hakoshi

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  1. Nah, just a random number generator. xD Or just... whatever method I feel like using at the time LOL. I could use coin flips, I guess, but that would just mean the first 4 people to land tails would be wolves... or something. IDK I've never done this before xD;
  2. how do you do it..? flip coin and.. that person is wolf ? xDD
    always wondering..
    anywho, might play next game then~ lol
  3. XDD I've only been a wolf once, and it was before I was even so into the game, so I didn't play as well as I could have. I actually wish I could play as one again to make up for it LOL.

    And we'll see, the role assignments are totally random, sooo... >w<;
  4. oooh, I see xDD
    hope this time I don't fall under wolf category.. thats.. just very stressful.. orz
  5. Lord of the Rings. :3 Scruffy and Kaitou will be helping me (more or less willingly) with the roles, so it will be epic. *-*
  6. LoRT? xD?
    mmm, sure don't mind lol ~
  7. Nice play. c: You join my LoTR game next, ja?
  8. gosh, that be so.. weird..
    then it would mean I'd be drunk right now just to talk normal xDD
    lol.. gonna make a new signature soon lol (of the chara..)
    with all these signas.. I might have to animate them together.... -brick'd-
  9. Ahh I see. xD Yeah it does come off as a bit odd LOL. Glad to hear you're not referring to yourself though @_@
  10. lmao..
    when I was making, I got lazy to put
    "Habitually Drunk Oni Ibuki Suika" since.. meh.. the font would be small.. and stuff..
    ;v; lol.. makes me seem like a drunk.. not even the legal age to drink at all xDD
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