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Conversation Between RyuTama and Nekogami

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  1. Oh oh. Nothing.

    Eating, yo.
  2. Ey ey.

    Sup dawg, cat.
  3. Oi oi .
  4. Late, late! I had fun outside, nothing special. Eat, drink, smoking, stuff we do.

    And it seems like my neck is sprained and I have a flight to catch tonight.
  5. Happy birthday me neko otouto~. o: Did you do anything fun?
  6. True, I just want to get a job as fast as I can.

    So I can subscribe and pay for faster internet, ahhhh.
  7. Well yeah lol. But you gotta start somewhere, and at least you got far enough to where you can expect some actual hands on experience eventually. 2 weeks or so ain't too much to worry about.
  8. Oh you know how internship go.. "Clean the toilet, you can only touch the plane after."

    After two weeks, then maybe I can do some actual fixing.
  9. Nahh, I just noticed your usertitle reset to default so I had to change that. You're welcome.

    That sounds like fun though. I'm only any good as an infidel car mechanic but I bet that would be interesting.
  10. Yeah you like to tag me around, don't you?

    And I'll do some maintenance around planes, repair and stuff.
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