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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Sir Douchebag the Jew was the best though. And yeah I watched the E3 briefing a couple days ago. I freaking love Matt and Trey rofl.
  2. Ass Master is a show classic, though. I just hope they're more creative with the name this time. I feel like they could'be done better than 'Douchebag.' Have you actually watched the E3 conference about it or just the trailer?
  3. Lmao! I don't remember reading/seeing that, but that would be intriguing indeed. I'm curious to see what the new kid's superhero name will be? Ass Master? Nah that's too basic. I gotta knooow...
  4. I'm so excite. The best part of E3 tbh. It's apparently about why the new kid's ass is so special. Seems like a pretty solid plot.
  5. I SAW THAT. OHMYGOD. Butters as the main villain it looks like? I freaking need it.
  6. 3 is pretty decent. I think. I can't remember honestly. But still, it's new major RPG so I'm excite.
  7. Double post because fail
  8. I haven't even played 3 yet. :C It's exciting though.
  9. Fallout 4 hype yo
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