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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Well yeah I have some consoles ofc, nothing newer than the 3DS though. X:
  2. Nah, I'm only rich for about a week around tax season. Do you have any consoles?
  3. Noope. You rich people and your new-ish gen gaming consoles. :c
  4. Do you have a WiiU, RyU?
  5. Hm I might give it a shot. Having it on YouTube saves me the trouble of dealing with searching through sketchy sites.

    Ah yeah, it's all subbed atm. >< Since the anime is still pretty early on, it'll be a while before it sees any sort of dub. Darn.
  6. Deadman Wonderland is on YouTube, I'd recommend it so long as you don't mind the lack of an ending.

    Anyway, I assume it isn't dubbed yet? I can't read subs on my phone (I just had to abandon a show for that reason).
  7. Weird, I haven't heard a lot of bad things about Deadman Wonderland. The opposite really, I've seen a lot of people recommending it. Maybe they were taking about the manga, since I'm assuming that's a longer running series...

    Assassination Classroom is awesome. Mainly comedy and "wth did I just watch", but it's actually pretty sweet at times, (even during some of the assassination attempt scenes, wut). I think there's only 5-6 episodes out so far, but I know there's over 100 chapters so I'm probably gonna start reading it because I'm impatient like that.

    I can see it being one of those 'love it or hate it' anime, but damn it's awesome so far imo.
  8. I have no idea, it apparently did terrible in Japan was stopped after twelve episodes and a single OVA. It was pretty good imo up until the random end. They didn't even make an actual final episode for the season, it just ended like a normal episode. Such a shame, it was pretty good imo.

    Edit: Wikipedia says it follows the manga.

    Never heard of the assassination one, how is it?
  9. omg zombie

    I dunno

    Atm I'm only really watching ongoing anime, like Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul. x: Is the Deadman Wonderland anime adapted from the manga or is it just one of those anime that went its own direction and failed at the end? I hate it when that happens.
  10. Ryu pls


    I need an anime to watch. Preferably one with an actual ending that won't piss me off *coughcough*DeadmanWonderland*coughcough*
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