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Conversation Between RyuTama and Sizary Momo

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  1. Thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday, Siz. :3
  3. Yay~
    SuXrys is so awesome.She's
    a hipster bunny~ x3

  4. I will never leave. ಠnಠ I take hiatuses now and then because of school and desperately looking for work but I always come back. :3

    YOUCAN'TKEEPMEAWAY. *flails arms*

    Well she is busy with teaching. I'm sure she'll come back around May/June when summer break starts. =)
  5. Well we all gotta leave AF some day.
    But i hope i'll at least get to talk to SuXrys
    one last time. ;-;
  6. What do you mean? :O
  7. But soon we'll be the ones gone. Q~Q
  8. I knowww, me too. >~< I know she's busy with teaching and all but she should still log on and grace us with her awesomeness every now and then.

    She'll come back to us soon though, she can't resist us. :3
  9. I miss SuXrys! Q-Q *hug*
  10. Oh y para el Navidad yo cuerro mi ama a estar
    Feliz por-favor~
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