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Conversation Between RyuTama and alisaallthat

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  1. xD Sorry! I didn't think you were on, lol. I was lurking around, which is what I mostly do when I randomly pop back on AF.

    Sorry I haven't been on in forever.

    P.S. I'm think of writing a fanfic (xD), and I want to PM you the plot for feedback (hopefully it's not too cheesy).
  2. Y u no say hi when you visit mai peeji?
  3. Lol, that's good. I think chill birthdays are better than big parties. You don't need to stress over all the arrangements. xD But bah, I didn't know your birthday was coming up so soon or I would have made plans and surprised you with something. ;n;
  4. ありがとう~

    アリサは元気です! (^-^)

    Yesterday was really nice~ We basically stood home watching funny movies and eating popcorn, but it was really fun in it's own way

    My birthdays usually seem boring, but I don't really need a huge party. Though I always demanded one when I was little, lol.

    But thank you! I haven't really been on lately because I've been hovering around on the other corners of the internet, but I do check in at least once a day.

    BUT, I shall return!

    I'll have to do something crazy for your B-day, Ryu ;P
  5. 誕生日、おめでとー!!( ^_^)∠☆パン!

  6. This is his first year being homeschooled, and he's in 6th grade now, so it'll probably take a while for him to get used to it. He was able to sign up for a beginner's Japanese course, so that'll be something I can go over and help him with while his mom is gone. He's getting Rosetta Stone, lucky bastard. xD My independent study has been so unstable, so I'm expecting to learn some new stuff too. It's gonna be fun. :3

    Well I didn't aim for Starbucks in particular; I applied to literally every damn store/restaurant within a 20 mile radius. That's why I'm excited that Starbucks is one of the few places that actually decided to give me an interview. TIS A SIGN I TELL YOU. And hell, from what I've heard they're more likely to hire someone who's a coffee fanatic anyway. So I've got that on my side.
  7. Ah, your nephew is homeschooled? My younger brother is also being homeschooled. Guess my parents didn't want another crazy kid like me :P

    LOL figures you'd aim for Starbucks. I hope you get it

    Although, I think they keep close tabs on their coffee stash, don't they?
  8. Yey~! x3 I'll try to have a decent outline by next weekend. I have to help my nephew with his homeschooling and I have like 3 job interviews to prepare for (one is at Starbucks YEEEA) so I'm excited.
  9. I can always do a collab

    I'm gonna reupload the "new" version of this picture. I (tried) erasing the kanji lyrics, and I replaced them with the English ones. I only took about 1 or 2 pictures of it xD

    I'm really, really proud of this one

    The power of friendship knows no boundaries, even when it comes to my drawing skills.
  10. A... ALL OF MY LOVE. ♥__♥ asdhjlkjhgsdf *foams* 要求された、よかった~

    You think we can do some sort of collab? Cuz although I can draw (decently, I guess, lol) I can't colour worth crap. ;;n;;
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