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Conversation Between RyuTama and alisaallthat

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  1. LOL coffee fuel xD

    My ideas of character profiles are pretty short, but I did find this really cool template.

    'Course it's got like every teensy detail that a character could possibly have, but hey, time to polish my literary skills, lol.
  2. アーリーサーちゃん~!


    And yeah I really like the plot summary. *^* Lol, have fun with the 15+ character profiles~. :3
  3. Ryu!
  4. Pancakes! Yummy~

    Are you going to be the hyper version of Bones now? You could solve strange murder mysteries with a goold 'ole cup of coffee

    Dragon Ball's going to bring down the whup on bad guys! lol

    Yay, my plot's good~

    Sorry for all the randomness of the characters. It's my weirdish way of keeping track of some of them xD. Now all I have to do is write up about 15+ character profiles @__@;
  5. Oh and also, I think I may have asked you this before, herp. But where did you go to learn your Japanese grammar/kanji? I'm sorta in between languages atm so I figured I'd do a bit more Japanese study before I got back into much German or Italian.
  6. Nightmarchers has been up for at least a year though, no? I know it's definitely outlasted all of the RPGs I've seen come and go. It's actually pretty awesome to have been able to keep it going as long as it has, imo.

    No matter what I do for a living, it will most surely involve an unnecessarily vast amount of caffeine intake on a regular basis. :3 I don't plan on getting too deep with Astronomy and Physics, but it's definitely interesting to say the least. Right now my major is Criminal Justice, and once I transfer I'll start taking some decent Forensics classes. Sooo... astronomy = physics = science = chemistry = forensics, I guess? o-o;

    Cravings yay! I have been craving pancakes for ages. AGES. IWANTBLUEBERRYPANCAKESWITHMAPLESYRUPPLZ. //probably not helping. :3

    I skimmed the plot and so far I think it sounds.. epic. o____o I'll have another look at it in the morning after class, but it looks awesome~.
  7. (Part 2)

    I've mostly been lounging around the house, drawing when I feel like it, having fun with the hubby. Morning sickness really sucks though. At least I have Lemon & Tangerine sparkling water to help me~ I've gotten so weird cravings, but nothing as bad as pickles and ice cream, LOL.

    And now I'm going to try writing my fanfic/amateur novel. It's Harry Potter, and I think you know a lot about that, right? I try to stick to canon as much as possible, so hopefully I didn't screw up too much. I try to stick to canon when there's canon to stick to. I'm boring that way xD

    I shall PM it now!
  8. Astronomy?! I loved that~

    Best 4th grade subject ever! Of course, it was easy then, lol.

    Yeah, I hear you about the RPG. Nightmarchers has pretty much died out. So much that I'm think of giving Sayaka an epilouge even though I've done like 5 posts. Poor sunnyside.

    LOL ginormous! I love that face, btw. Maybe you could be the person at NASA that stays up to midnight, running on coffee? xD. I tried to pay attention in school, but I took so much time taking notes I missed half the class ;__;

    rofl I won't kill you :3

    It's funny, I discovered them because I seen a lot of fangirling about them. And now I'm a fangirl, lmao.

    (Part 2 to come. Annoying text shortener!)
  9. FANFICYAY. Send me plot plzkthnxbai. I haven't written anything in ages, fanfic or otherwise. I was thinking about joining up in another RPG here but Idunno. I don't think I'll have a chance to be in another Wonderland. :'c

    It wasn't egotistical, lol. I'm your unofficial stalker so ofc I need to know what's going on with you. :'D As for me I'm doing pretty well. A bit stressed about job/family/school stuff, but it's been worse. I decided to take Astronomy this semester since I'm trying to keep things relatively simple, but I ended up in a class full of physics and ginormous statistics and formulas. A;; Glad I paid attention during basic Physics in High School orz.

    Morning Coffee > Morning Musume! LOLOLjk //don'tkillme. I really need to check them out, huh? ( ̄▽ ̄)♪

    So what have you and Aka-chan been up to? :333
  10. D: I just seen how egotistical (sp?) my last post was! I suck.

    How was life been to you, Dragon Ball? (xD) I've been uber bored, but I've mostly been reading articles on the Fandom Wank Wiki. Funny internet drama is well, funny to me. The baby's doing really good, so that's a definite plush.

    I've also become more of a Morning Musume fan, so I'll probably fangirl over them, lol.

    College must've loosened up by now, right? Your really the only pull I have to come over here anymore, LOL. Right now, I'm kinda bored of AF. But never fear, I'll get the AF spark soon again!

    Man, half of that was still about me. Maybe it's some weird Leo thing.
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