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  1. Well, I did find this handy PDF that animeyay gave to me. It's really useful, but I always got more out of lyrics, lol.

    I also found a book that teaches Japanese with manga. It was pretty cool, so I'll hafta find that for you~

    花言語はつまらなーい~ リューのような言葉をつかいたいわ~ うふふ~
  2. Whatever happened to your 花言語? =w= I'm the one with the tomboyish/manly speech, heeeeyyy. xD 俺様はカッコいいだからなぁ!(w) Yeah it's easy to forget words sometimes. That's why I'm always so picky about proofreading and re-proofreading and re-re-proofreading because I know I screw up so much. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Lol, I started off the same way too. I learned words and pronunciation from songs, specifically the OPs and endings from InuYasha when I was a kid. I think 真実の詩 by Do As Infinity is what really got me interested in Japanese music. c: Since I was so young I sometimes even spelled out new words by sounding out the pronunciation in romaji. :B So like, I'd write "forbidden" as "forubiden" and whatnot. LOL. I was a dork.

    So you don't use any sites or CDs really? Just lyrics? o: I still have a lot of KAITO songs I wanna transliterate but those are gonna take a while to get around to. xD Vocaloid songs can be hard to understand at times so I always gotta hunt down the kanji.
  3. (Part 2)

    I can't exactly say when I started studying. I used my dictionary to look up a lot of the words. I also got a few books from the library and such.

    My mom also loves Ann Rice, too. She goes on and on about her Vampire series and how she read them ALL the time. It's funny to see someone usually all serious like her turn into a teenager again xD

    I think the best way to learn kanji and some semblance of sentence structure is through lyrics. Since I have 1000+ J-Pop songs on my hard drive, I'm always typing out new lyrics. So I guess my secret is romanizing lyrics?

    がんばろうぞ (*^。^*)ノ!!
  4. (Part 1. Damn character shortener)

    I just used ぜ to sound manly XDDDD, because we all know how girly I usually speak Japanese.

    I thought I was the only one who'd leave out the verb D; Thank you~ It's annoying because when you write, you think it in your head, but your hands forget to type (and write, in my case) it. And then when you read it, your brain puts it there even though it's missing @^@

    I actually started out learning Japanese by romanizing/transliterating Japanese songs. The sixth Negima opening never had a romanization, so I taught myself all the kana and kanji, and it all snowballed from there. I was always interested in Japanese, though. I would always get the lyrics to anime songs and sing them. I already knew how to pronounce Japanese before I even knew it, lol. I used to write these nonsense songs that had absolutely no meaning in Japanese. I just wrote it so they rhymed xD
  5. ERMAHGERD Anne Rice! I love her ;A; Haven't read any of her newer stuff though. She's next to Stephen King on my list of epic authors~.

    You accidentally the verb! Σ (д; ) Lol I do that crap all the time too. We all get those derp moments. But you'll do awesome. =D

    Hmm, from what I remember ぜ is like a combination of the declarative ぞ and ね. So either would work, but ぞ would make it sound more like a firm resolution I think. Speaking of Nihongo, where did you start studying? I don't think you've told me your secrets~ o3o
  6. A few select citizens xD, I know right?

    Remember, Ann Rice don't need no stinkin' editors!! (True story)

    Of course you can read it~ You need to spot all those places where my brain fails and puts "I you" instead of "I love you" and stuff like that.

    Yep, Wonderland was also the first time I ventured into writing publicly too. Instead of chapters all over my computer, I have lots of character lists and opening and ending songs I made up, LOL. The only writing I have on my computer so far is this series incredibly loosely based of Megaman Star Force, starring Harp Note/Sonia Strumm (a canon character from the games) and her faithful chubby sidekick, GutBuster (made up by me). I write those ones in script styles.

    Ooh, I'm getting really charged up now~


    Or it is ぞ?
  7. Ofc, DeviantArt. I love dA. :'D Haven't been on in ages... But yes, link meh plz~.

    I'll be able to read it, right? I can be your editor! o3o I've always wanted to be an author/editor. Doesn't pay well enough for a steady income though imo, bleh.

    Lol, same here. My writing on Wonderland was the first time I publicized any of my "work". Everything else is in several folders on my computer, seen only by a very few select citizens. :B But now that you and Miki are getting into writing again, I guess that means I gotta hop onto the bandwagon and continue some of my fanfics/stories...
  8. Yeah, character templates are really hard. I'll hafta find the link for you (I found it on DeviantArt, of all places)

    Since I want it to be like a novel-type fanfic, I'll probably write it chapter by chapter. I don't know about posting to yet, but it is mostly for fun, lol.

    I'm rather shy when it comes to posting anything on the web xD, so I'll probably just wait and see how good the first chapter is. I'm somewhat bad with opening lines, but I guess I just pretend it's an RPG or something. Might seem easier that way, who knows?
  9. Ooooh template, whar? I've been meaning to look for one or make my own but I'm just too lazy. :B

    Are you planning on writing it chapter by chapter and posting it on or something? o: Or is it just for fun?
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