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Conversation Between RyuTama and alisaallthat

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  1. おや!ほさしぶりぃぃぃ!=D

    No worries, I've been pretty dead for a while too. I think this is my first time logging on since the beginning of February... ==; T'has been hectic over here. I'm hoping to last here for at least a week or so before I have to disappear again. =/

    Anyway, "Hello!Project"? Since October? This is the first time I've heard about it. O.O What kind of songs do you cover? o3o

    赤ちゃんがやっと来たなぁ~。 アリサちゃん、おめでとー!>w< I actually kinda guessed it would be a girl, I mean, you need to teach your "Hana Gengo" to someone, eh? ふふふ。That's so awesome to hear though! She has such a pretty name. *A* Did you perchance get the idea from your Japanese name spelling? ;P So what kinda snazztastic fun are you having with the new bundle of joy? =3
  2. *nom nom* Ryu~

    I've haven't been on in while, lol. I've been singing a Hello!Project cover group since October of last year~~ It's so fun! How has life been goin' for you lately?

    ALSO EXCITING NEWS: I had my baby! Back in January (the 17th to be exact). And y'know what? She was a girl! So much for the accuracy of the sex-test, lol. Her name is リサ~ (Ri, not Li) Life has been great since her birth!
  3. Yeah, I was really bugging Mariko (the group's leader) about blending, lol. In the dub group, we each have Japanese names, and mine is Saki Maeda (or Maeda Saki, since they use the Japanese ordering)~
    Of course, there's always email!

    フルーツバスケットも大好き! Yep, I've read all of the manga. Ironically, I've never finished the anime, so I'm the opposite. Something about Rin just draws me in. Maybe it's because I think along the same lines as her? キョウ~! I love him too. I don't think anyone doesn't like Kyo. How could they resist hiii~m?

    LOL, your niece! I actually don't play piano, but I've always wanted to. I'm half teaching myself. It's not too hard to do a little beat, but reading music @△@.

    Thank you! Yep, my evil master plan is to translate the songs. I was so happy~ I was having a little trouble with it, but I pulled through. Let me tell you, that test is far harder than actually translating a song.

    クリスマスが来たら、私と旦那さまの家族を訪ねて~ And of course, eating cookies :P
  4. (cont..) I don't remember you mentioning that you played piano. ='D That's cool that you want to play for him though~. I do that with my niece and nephews.

    And congrats with the test! >3< I probably wouldn't stand a chance with it lol. So are you gonna give English translations on those songs that you romanized way back when?

  5. アリサちゃんおかえり~!=D

    I actually really wish I could have done some of the singing, but my internal mic would just never work out. :/ Lol, if you just joined the dub group then I'm sure you'll start blending in in time~. :3 Lol, don't worry about not being able to chat, I've been pretty unfairly busy myself. I haven't been on chat or MSN in months... I only check AF like twice a week as it is. o.o

    フルーツバスケットが大好きでーす!I haven't had a chance to finish the manga yet, but I've gotten pretty far. I see you like Rin~. 俺の好きなキャラはもちろんキョウ~ >w< I named my moody orange tabby cat after him. x3 My niece has watched some of the anime and even now she wishes that he wasn't such a meanie so that she could hug him and try to make him turn into a boy. xDD かわいいなやつw
  6. Ryu ryu! I passed the English translation test for animelyrics! YAY~~~
  7. ひさしぶり~

    Sorry for nagging you so much about singing. Actually, I've joined a Hello!Project dub group, so now I can sing my heart out, even though I don't blend with anyone at all. /rage

    I can't believe it's been so long since we've talked! (For some reason, AF chat doesn't work anymore at all)

    Anyway, today I just finished reading Fruits Basket, which I now love more than anything. Have you ever read it?

    Oh, and I got a keyboard! Now I have music to make for the baby when he's (finally) born.

    I really need to come on here more often.
  8. ERMAGERD that PDF is perfect. O.O Thankja~. I've read your "Help with Particles" thread, and it did help a lot but that PDF is great too. *-* I'll definitely be spending too much time studying it LOL.

    I dunno.. singing.. I haven't done it in so long, lol. Since at least middle school... If I had a mic I probably could (after freshing up my skills anyway), but I won't be able to buy one until I get a job, and I dunno how long that'll be. x.x;
  9. <--- I think this is the link to that PDF. I'm not entirely sure, lol. You'd be best off just browsing my "Help With Particles" thread in the Japanese language section.

    I'll hafta search up the book that teaches Japanese with manga. And yeah, it was fun learning it that way :3

    Ryu, are you going to sing Sakura Mankai with me~? I'm bored of singing in different voices to create a group, LOL.

    P.S. the microphone I have is Samson M5 Dynamic Karaoke Microphone. I'n not sure if the names go in that order, since they're placed randomly on the box. I'd really like to sing together~ As one of the AF banners says, 「一緒に歌いましょ!」
  10. PDFs, yey~. Lyrics definitely help with vocab and some structure but it can be pretty different from verbal/written speech, I've noticed. I can't learn much grammar from them, but I learn a lot of kanji with every song. o-o I'm still pretty noobish lol.

    Teaching Japanese with manga? I think that's a pretty common thing, actually. I remember getting one from the library not too long ago. It was fun. :>

    はっ? まさかアリサちゃん、俺のようになりたいか? リュ嬉しいなぁ~ :'33
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