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Conversation Between RyuTama and alisaallthat

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  1. I don't think I'll change my username style or title anytime soon. ^^ So I don't have to worry about dealing with that. Also, I have no idea what your usertitle should be... o__O; *ponders*
  2. Lol I made my name orange. xD.

    I like orange, so it's not such a big loss XD

    Lol what do you think would be a good usertitle for me?
  3. '-' double post? derp.
  4. XD From what I've noticed, whenever you change the settings for your profile, your usertitle resets to "member". So you'd have to finish up all your profile settings before choosing a new usertitle/style. oAo;;; Maybe I shoulda brought that up earlier |||OTL
  5. I hate the username changeeeeeeee!!!

    I'm out 25000 gil!

    *goes crazy*
  6. LOL yeah it can't really be too instant xD. Yes, turbulent romance always seems so more dramatic and like, "OMG are they gonna make it through?!?!!," you know xD? But 100 pages long, xD? Man, you are really a good writer, lol.

    I'd die of exhaustion, rofl
  7. I like romance too, but it has to build up. I've written plenty of romances, but I just don't believe in having the plot simply be "boy meets girl, BAM happily ever after". There has to be at least a bit of conflict or confusion before the relationship is fully established, in my opinion (if that makes any sense whatso-bloody-ever x.x). Hell I have a fanfic that's over 100 pages long, and there still isn't any direct romance yet. Sure there are hints and foreshadowing and the like, but... yeah. >> lol.
  8. rofl, MikuChuu really likes that, ne? Me, I'm a sucker for romance XD, so I get all mushy inside. And LOL, internal conflict always shows more of the character's life and, well, character XD. When Raven went all badass I was like Woo-hoo xD.

    Since I'm a baka, lol, that sentence was a bit hard to translate ^^;. But I really am thinking of hopping in there. LightBuster's posts are also cool because he has two characters, lol.

    Ah, but if I hop in I'll be so late xDDDDDDD
  9. Aww thank you. XD This is actually my first RPG... I've never really made my work public before... I'm glad you like it lol. I really didn't plan on having a romance between Travis and Raven, but uhhh MikuChuu is kinda insisting on it, so what the hell? *shrug* lol. And I love internal conflict, so my posts are so huge because I make Travis think way too much x.x

  10. OMG I just finished it and I'm now so addicted XDDDDDD

    This is better than potato chips, lol. You should be a writer someday! You have a very good grasp of language and detail~
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