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Conversation Between RyuTama and alisaallthat

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  1. LOL yeah it is witchcraft :P

    Risa's been an angel but she does have her devil moments, too XD All in all it's been a wonderful experience so far~

    Holy-- $15 an hour! Man. I'll have to look there in the future to get myself some more moneyz, haha. GameStop, how exciting! I know you'll ace the interviews as always ;D

    As for me, when I get some free time, I just do karaoke and lyrics lol. My dad just celebrated his 60th birthday on the 15th so that was a fun birthday party to go to!
  2. アリサちゃんだ~!We're actually online at the same time?! What is this witchcraft? LOL. But yeah, I haven't spent much if any time on here in months either. o.o

    How have you and little Risa been doing? Has she driven you guys crazy yet? xD

    Starbucks will always be my caffeinated haven. But nah, lately I've just been doing some on-call work with a friend at a local lodge by the river. I don't get called in very often, but the pay is worth it, like $15 an hour just to clean up a hallway and some rooms. And soon we're having an annual event where we get to be waiters and waitresses for this massive crab feast dinner. The tips are awesome, so I'm looking forward to that. Other than that I have a couple of interviews this week for some stores in the mall and a GameStop, so that'll be exciting.
  3. 愛しの竜玉~~

    I've returned after not doing anything here for like ever, haha. After all, parenting is much more important!

    How has life been going for you? Still at Starbucks?
  4. Ah, lazing around the house, my favorite activity to do when the baby's (rarely) asleep.

    You could totally be waitress! You already have the table flipping skills under your belt. You can use them to punish a snobby customer and to propel your orders from the kitchen

    /really lame joke

    But I do hope you get the Starbucks job. *runs off to freshen up on telepathic mind-control skills so you can get the job*
  5. Things are pretty slow atm, what with my sister in Illinois, and school being over (finally). I still try my best to look for work though, it's just such a pain here in the valley. >_> Right now I'm waiting for calls back from Starbucks (pleasegodpleasegodpleasegod), and Denny's. Lol, me as a waitress. *pokerface* But hey, if it means untaxed tips, then why the hell not! *^* I just hope I have enough money to actually get some decent classes for school in the Fall, I really need to get a math or chem class under my belt. @_@ Other than that, I've been pretty much lazing around the house playing Pokémon. :3
  6. I am the most womanly woman ever だぜ! =P My voice is getting a bit better, but I still have this irritating cough. It's like I only ever get sick during Spring or Summer. >.> Immune system, why you do dis. D:

    Lol, it's nearly impossible to not make silly faces at babies. Even if it makes you look completely ridiculous. xD

    Heh, that's cool you have that sorta relationship with your mom. It was mostly my older sister and brother that raised me, but luckily I still have good relationships with my parents, so it's not like it's a bad thing. And being more of a friend or older sibling to my niece and nephews is what I was going for since I was 8 anyway. So, mission accomplished! xD
  7. Ugh, bronchial infection doesn't sound good. Hopefully you can become a woman again :P /bad joke

    Risa's been doing great lately! She's growing pretty fast, but she's still pretty small and cute. It's been fun to hang around and make silly faces at her. Yeah, changing diapers is a little nasty, but if it helps improve her mood, I'm all for it.

    xD BFF. Yeah, that's kinda like my relationship with my mom. My dad did most of the taking care of me when I was a baby, while mom had to work a lot. She's always been more my confidante and older sister-type than my mother, but it's fine. My dad did enough parenting my about 10 people anyway :P

    So how have things been going for you lately?
  8. Heyhey~ Alisa-chaaan!

    That Hello!Project sounds like a riot. xD Must be fun being a part of something that big. I wish I could sing well, but ever since I left choir in Junior High I've become a bit of a recluse when it comes to singing. >.>; Plus a recent bronchial infection has left my voice sounding a lot less... feminine. I can only sing a few soprano pieces with confidence. If it's anything else I start sounding like a prepubescent boy, at least to myself. <_> Ugh, it's weird.

    So how's little Risa lately? =3 That's great you get to spend time with her during leave. Lol, I remember changing diapers for my niece and nephews. To this day they all try to deny me ever having a part of that, seeing as how I'm more of a BFF to them than their aunt. xD
  9. lol, yeah, I can't teach my Hana Gengo to a boy (and I was shallowly hoping for a girl a teensy bit), so it's all good. Ryan totally dotes on her, so I already can see the Daddy's Little Princess T-shirt XDDDDD. I've been taking it slowly, but it's been good. We try to take turns changing diapers (which is gross, but hey), but it's so fun to do little movements with her baby limbs lol. Ryan likes making her karate punch him xD

    She's pretty quiet, so she doesn't cry all that much unless she's upset or hungry. She's a real doll~ We've been pretty much floating on cloud 9 since she was born. I get a year for maternity leave, so I get to spend even more time with her.

    She's had a few little problems, like the normal ear infections and such, but nothing serious.

    I shall raise the greatest woman the Earth shall ever see! That's my supreme ambition. I'm tired of seeing these stories about kids that have no respect for people! I swear I won't be like those bad parents.
  10. Yeah, the most fun over here lately was the April Fool's joke about animeforum becoming MLP Land or something xD

    Hello!Project is the main group that Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, S/mileage and C-ute are part of~ There's at least 600+ songs to cover (all different styles and everything), and we usually vote on which to cover. The cover group (it's called Kaori Basket) has been around since 2007. I just joined in October of last year, but I'm already helping the group's leader, Mariko, with all of her duties. We all have "idol' characters, my name is Maeda Saki (or Saki Maeda, the westernized version xD), and I'm a 15-year old ray of sunshine LOL. So it's fun to play around like that.

    ありがとう~。I've actually liked the name Risa for quite a while, and I've just now realized that it does come from "Arisa" xDDD. Risa and Alisa, we sound like twins, lmao.

    (Part 2 coming up)
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