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  2. Well, the old lady next door wasn't scaring them intentionally; she unfortunately happens to look like a zombie that came to life.

    Corn maze! That sounds so fun and creepy XD

    Pokemon is really fun too. I've started replaying Emerald just for the nostalgic value it has for me lol
  3. Handing out candy is fun too, but I'd still like dressing up for it. :3 Sadly I couldn't buy a costume this year, and there's not much to improvise with at home, so I think this is my first year not dressing up. :c I didn't stay home though, I went out with my sister and some friends to a haunted house and a corn maze. Since we were out in the country and it was already dark out, there was a bit of fog once we got there and it made the maze a lot more creepy lol.

    Ppfffft, being scared is the whole point of Halloween. xD Unless the kids were really young, like 8 or something, then yeah, that's kinda mean. xD;

    Yeah, I was really skeptic about the new games when I first heard about them, but now I'm dying to play it. ;w; LOL my niece and nephews ALWAYS have to watch me whenever I play any of my Pokémon games, they find it so fascinating. So I figured they should have their own versions for once. And with all the customizations you can make now, I know they'd love it. ^^
  4. We just got back from handing out candy to all the trick or treaters! I didn't dress up this year (I haven't for like 4 years XD), but it was fun seeing the little kids with their costumes.

    The old (evil) lady next door kept scaring the little kids; one mom told her son to wave at her and he shook his head "no" LOL

    Sounds like Pokemon XY will be fun, and how sweet of you, giving games to your nieces and nephews, too~
  5. YEAH I'm so excited for it~. They added a lot of new concepts and mechanics, and so far I like most of the new Pokémon, unlike with Black and White versions, where I disliked most of them. x: I'm trying to stay away from spoilers, but it's kinda hard when you live on the internet. My niece and nephews want the new games too, so if I get some good paychecks by Christmas I might get them their own copies. :3

    I STILL NEED TO FINISH EMERALD asdhjkf. I love my Sapphire; it was the first version I got a Pokémon to 100 (which was my Colosseum Jirachi).

    俺は花言語が出来ないよ~w。 Yeah for whatever reason, whenever I force myself into using "atashi" I feel the need to make my voice higher pitched. >.>; Therefore I sound fake. >.>; Therefore, ore. XDD

    Eh, the clean up is never much of an issue for me~. While I'm cleaning I can munch on a cookie now and then. Worth it lol.

    Blech! Budweiser. I've never liked beer. o-o More like, vodka. Woo.

    Lol so what're you guys doing for Halloween?
  6. I've heard rave reviews of the new Pokemon (something about being able to do hairstyles XD) so I'll hafta have you tell me all about it :3

    (The last Pokemon game I played was Emerald LOL)

    Ore is a good pronoun XD I've always been more of the flowery type so it just felt right for me. For me to say "ore" would be like you saying "atashi" haha. Baking is pretty fun until the dreaded cleanup time happens, as always XD I love going all "yay yay yay cookies and pie and COOKIESCAKEPIEPASTRIESAHAHAHAHAAAAAA" and such.

    As for my dad's b-day party, it was more of a casual thing, but once my mom's family gets a few Budweisers in, everything becomes a game lol
  7. PFFT, your Japanese has always been better than mine. xD I still feel weird that the only pronoun I ever feel comfortable saying is "ore". >-> I'm fine with "anata" and everything else for "you", but, "watashi" and whatnot just feels strange to me. @_@ Once a tomboy, always a tomboy? :B

    Wow, that is a lot. o-o; But then again we never had big birthday parties so I guess I'm not used to having that many people around. x: Sounds like fun though, did you guys do any games or was it more of just a casual gathering?
  8. Well, I'm just glad they weren't as bad as I was. Naturally, I thought I was a delight, but according to my mom I was a nightmare. Who'da thought? ..ACTUALLY, now that I think about it, I remember my older sister going to a Parent-Teacher conference when I was in the first grade. She said she had called me "a little devil". HA. Madness. I remember first grade as one of my more tamer years. :B

    You can never have to much pie! But darn it, now I want some pie too. ;^; Welp, with winter coming, that means BAKING. And therefore PIES. ANDCOOKIESANDMUFFINSANDfdshjkasdfdsa*bounces excitedly* Annual diabetic coma imminent!

    Yeah I'm easily distracted too. Put a videogame or a sketchbook in front of me and I'm oblivious to everything else for the next couple of weeks. But THIS TIME, I reallyreallyreally need to focus because I need to save up $200 for something important. Namely, a 3DS XL. To play more videogames. Namely the new Pokémon. And Zelda. Ehehe. '-';

    (Oops, part 2 incoming)
  9. More devilish XD ah, well, we both know how evil kids can be :P (especially me as a kid XD)

    lol "coffe fixins" XD

    Yeah, I know how addiction is; see my overly pie profile pag for reference :P

    Persistence, yeah, that's one of my bad qualities too lol it helps me to see the gold at the end of rainbow. But in my case, I start to daydream and go "OOOH PRETTY COLORS" and blissfully loose track.

    My Japanese is actually somewhat decent know; it's on the level of "broken Japanese" rather than "gaijin who hit her head and heard two words of Japanese."

    Yeah, my dad was happy with the crowd his birthday attracted LOL pretty much everyone on my mom's side of the family came, but that's because dad's never gotten along with his side.

    It's so fun catching up~
  10. D'aww~. xD She sounds like fun. :3 Reminds me of when I would take care of my niece and nephews when they were little. Although... they were more devilish than anything else, usually. LOL. You guys are gonna have so much awesome times together, I'm kinda jelly. xD

    Yeah! The $15 is great, it's just the fact that I only get called in like once (maybe twice) a month, which kinda sucks. But hey, it pays for my monthly coffee fixins, so there's not too much to complain about~. *w* Ya, I usually pass the interviews with flying colors, it's the persistence that I lack. >.< So I need to keep reminding myself to call the managers back now and then if I don't hear anything after a while.


    Man, I haven't done any lyrics in ages. Hell, I haven't even been keeping up with my Japanese studies. ;; *is lazy* Dang, 60th birthday. O.O Was like everyone from your family there?
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