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Conversation Between RyuTama and Kaitou+

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  1. Yeah 360 is best for (old) multplats get it.

    And sure, some COD game I dont want.
  2. I might be getting a 360 soon if that counts. ;_; Tbh there's not a lot of games on the current-gen consoles that really interest me. Except maybe Hyrule Warriors. Maybe Destiny. Idk.

    If I come do I get a free complimentary game? :iria
  3. Excluding the 3DS, you don't have anything newer past the DS though. :maybe

    Its okay though Psuedo-chan. Come over to FL.
  4. But, but, it's a handheld console... You brought up the DS first anyway, so. :C
  5. So you are saying that you have a PS3/Xbox 360/Wii? The 3DS is not a console.

    Will do.
  6. 3DS*. That's something right?

    Just hold some kind of alcohol or coffee when you open the door and they won't bother you as much anymore. Especially strong coffee, they smell it and think you're trying to lure them into sweet caffeinated sin.
  7. V More like nothing newer than the DS.

    Also, tell your people to stop knocking my door. I'm no interested.
  8. It's not.

    PC Master Race.
  9. I need money for that tho.

    I'd love to get a PC if I could though. PS4 and XBox One don't seem to have many titles that would be worth paying $400+ for it.
  10. Get a gaming PC or a current-gen console you peasant.
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