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Conversation Between RyuTama and SuXrys

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  1. dat pizza. :@ *cravings*

    pizza + carrot juice = possible winner?
  2. YES!! You can be cured!

    Carrot juice, caaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaarroot juuuUUUuuuiiiicce!!~~~~
  3. What is this... feeling? You're suddenly making me crave carrot juice?!!


  4. And here I have an empty bottle of this on my desk
    Mmmmmmm newly made raw carrot juice, delicious
  5. Carrots are good no matter how rain or raw they are. :'D

    But then again so are mushrooms~. Hmmmphfff.
  6. I like them rain? Typo! Ppffss, I like them raw ofc! (the pm)
  7. Other then that nothing much is happening, are trying to learn to walk in a pair of high heels that I bough last week . Are going to a friends weeding on friday and I hadn't any fancy shoes so I thought to myself "In my age you need a pair of fancy shoes for fancy occations" so I bough a pair but ooooooooooh loooooriloooord I don't look fancy (yet) while walking around in them - hence the link. :o And they where shitty expensive too! Phewfh!
  8. *Nom noms on carrots* (actually, I really like carrots irl so I do not mind this at all)

    oh nom nom nom nom

    Yes, it's a me, SuXrys! (lame mario reference) What I have been up to? Ehm, nothing much really. I have taken a break with my studies and I have been working instead. Started today with my job for the summer, a... (have to think since it was a while since I had to write/think in english) cleaning lady? It doesn't seem to be the most fun job in the world though, but atleast it will give me something to do now during the summer months. Hopefully I can take up the studies again to the fall, I havn't recieved any message from the University yet, the one I talked to last week would look it up before she goes on holiday on the 16th (or everything for the autum has to be done until the 16th june).
  9. IT'S SUXRYS. The forum has missed you. D:

    What all have you been up to lately? *gives you carrots*
  10. Well, mouses are cute but hamster > mouse
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