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Conversation Between danman794 and CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN

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  1. lol i wish i could, daily HW is awful, and for a bit yesterday i couldnt move my arms
  2. Mew DX Ish sorry you hurt yourself *gives you a bandaid* It'll get better~!
    Yeah, I usually try to get on at 4am-ish because of homework =="
  3. its cool, i get on everynight after i check out FB, all after ive done my HW, had practice, and worked out...too busy, plus i injured myself today lifting :'(
  4. You have four quizzes? Sorry... DX
    owo;; I keep replying late BI Ish because I've been making cosplays xD
  5. i only got monday off lol, 4 quiz's this week...yay?
  6. i only got monday off lol, 4 quiz;s this week...yay?
  7. Good^^ I think I aced my Media quiz yesterday
    Since it's Labor Day on Monday, my school gave me Friday and Monday off~ *u* I get to screw around on my computer for FOUR DAYS! *derp face*
  8. ya lol, its tough, so hows school for u?
  9. You're smart enough!! You can do it!! Ganbatte, nee?! ^_~
    5 HOURS?! Th-that's harsh...
    B's are cool too~ xD
  10. well see how this year goes with A's lol, AP=5 hours of HW today, haha i didnt get a summer assignment so i had to do it tonight...hoping to pull out a B avg, my college transition year
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