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Conversation Between danman794 and catie

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  1. I'm watching soul eater. So that girl in your profile pic is..........patty. Soul eater is really funny. XD
  2. India!!!! :'( Wish I could be in US
  3. THAT SUXXXX!!! what country?
  4. Yah my school sucks. We have 2 exams every week. And I live in a different country than yours. So school is gonna end for us.
  5. exams? school jus started...
  6. Geez I make a lot of spelling mistakes. Sorry about that. God these exams are killing me.
  7. good, beiber sucks...pitbulls pretty good too
  8. I'm not a big fan of sports buy i luv drawing!!! I thing pitbull is the best singer ever. And I hate justin bieber.
  9. im on varsity for wrestling at my school, tyler the creator (music) is awsome, i like the packers, badgers, buckeyes, and vanderbuilt (football), i like to work out i guess lol (more of just a routine i guess O.O), down time is hanging out wit friends or playing some xbox with them...hbu?
  10. So what do u like??? Except anime, of course.
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