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Conversation Between ELR and Tanenr Redday

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  1. What would you have done if I had not a phone? *soft snort, then covers face in embarrassment* Here.. *hands you my phone and spins around*
  2. *wide eyes* Why?
  3. You don't need to do that. Don't get me wrong, that is a very nice offer you make. My family will see things on their own at some point or they will never be able to see it.
  4. Yes, I am the middle child, I've fended for myself as well for my siblings though not so much anymore, if I wander off, they mostly don't realize it. Though, when they do they get upset thinking I may have ran off, but it's not like I run away, just exploring on my own. *looks through hair* It's not something to worry over, promise.
  5. I... um.. I really do appreciate you letting me stay here to eat and stuff.. if I had just stayed out there, i would have just ended up back where i belonged, under a bridge somewhere and then hope that I had made it home before dark and hope my parents would let me in... *looks down, hair falling to cover face* Thanks.
  6. *nibbles*
  7. *gasp* Your food! *walks back to the table*
  8. *closes eyes and feels your heart beat* I remember. Though, they are different things, they tend to not run well alone.
  9. *lifts ur face wiht my hand under ur chin* dont worry..........*places ur hand on my chest* a glass heart remember? we both have one and trust is one thing.....and so is friendship....*smale smile*
  10. I know you didn't.. *wraps arms around and buries face into your shoulder* If you had... You wouldn't need to ask for the trust, it would already be there.. *small hiccup* You wouldn't need to learn, if you knew, you would have already known.. Just don't break the trust..
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