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Conversation Between ELR and Tanenr Redday

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  1. *calls* hello? Yes this is tan...a friend of ur daughter. I am ssorry but ur treatment of her is just not right. So i am going to takr her under my wing from now on. Goodbye *hangs up* wow they rilly rude
  2. What would you have done if I had not a phone? *soft snort, then covers face in embarrassment* Here.. *hands you my phone and spins around*
  3. *smiles* because. ur gunna stay w\ me. no iffs and or buts.
  4. *wide eyes* Why?
  5. *i hold out my hand* give me your phone and i want to talk to your parents
  6. You don't need to do that. Don't get me wrong, that is a very nice offer you make. My family will see things on their own at some point or they will never be able to see it.
  7. no it child should ever be unnoticed.....*stand nd walks 2 u nd hugs u* i am so sorry tht u were unnoticed. but i will do wutever it takes to make them notice. ill even let you come live with me.
  8. Yes, I am the middle child, I've fended for myself as well for my siblings though not so much anymore, if I wander off, they mostly don't realize it. Though, when they do they get upset thinking I may have ran off, but it's not like I run away, just exploring on my own. *looks through hair* It's not something to worry over, promise.
  9. well.....wait....ur parents?......they forget about you?
  10. I... um.. I really do appreciate you letting me stay here to eat and stuff.. if I had just stayed out there, i would have just ended up back where i belonged, under a bridge somewhere and then hope that I had made it home before dark and hope my parents would let me in... *looks down, hair falling to cover face* Thanks.
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