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Conversation Between Konkulf and Unkawaii

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  1. I don't know, but personally I liked Trapezoid the most out of Holographic Universe's tracklist.

    I preordered The Kindred's new album. You gotta listen to them. They made an EP and a full-length album independently under their original name "Today I Caught The Plague", and Sumerian recently signed them. Three singles off their current album are up on YT and they're magnificent. Definitely my favorite band of all time next to Sonata Arctica and Periphery.
  2. Yeah, cant wait for the new albums, one of my all time favourite metal bands.

    I pretty much listen to anything metal, so I've probably listened to a lot, if not all the bands you mentioned (definitely listened to Periphery and Protest the Hero).
  3. WELL YOU KNOW NOW BUDDY *fistbump*
    Did you hear about the new series of albums they're putting out? Supposedly a trilogy.

    Also, if you listen to Born of Osiris, Periphery, Protest The Hero... Or... A man can dream... The Kindred... We'll be best friends forever.
  4. Haha, sweet!

    Didn't know there were any Scar Symmetry fans on the forum!
  5. Post Ghost Prototype I in the listening thread?
    Fan of Shizuo?
    You sir... You and I will get along just fiiine.
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