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Conversation Between solidarmor and Kaniiki

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  1. Ha, can you give me an example of "too much action"? For some wacky reason I see you meaning something like Gundam, or Guilty Crown...maybe DNAngel. And it doesn't sound girly at all, I prefer story based action then just meaningless fights that really serve no purpose to advance a story. Space Battleshipt Yamato 2199 is a great example, even though its a remake of the original show it still had a Battlestar Galactica feel (new series). Where some episodes saw no action at all...just pure story telling.
  2. oh thanks o.o it might sound girly but i like about everything that doesn't have too much action in it
  3. Welcome to AF, hope you're enjoying your stay here? I really like your signature with the cat. What kind of anime do you like?
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