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Conversation Between solidarmor and IIISTARSCREAMERIII

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  1. Thanx I'm glad to have a friend
  2. If you want to talk...I'll listen.
  3. Actually...I'm not. Really..I know hard to believe, right? I'm just good at playing at words. lol Well, maybe I can be a flirt and I really try to keep a comical spin on it. But, sometimes I step over the line--I can't help it, I'm a habitual line stepper. lol
  4. was just a joke implying you are a perv jeez v3v
  5. Angry at what? Someone over 1,000 miles away saying that they have an overactive imagination? Get a life...better yet take some anger management classes. *shakes head*
  6. Riiiiiiight you pervert lol if my bf was looking over my shoulder he would be angry at you >3<
  7. *Overactive Imagination* lol Like Calvin & Hobbes...
  8. Why? O//o
  9. a little light headed...there. LOL O///O"
  10. yeah she was talking about my pic of Felicia xD
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